The Heart of God for Chertsey

Church officers for 2018-9

Congratulations and thanks to the following who have been elected to the PCC for 2018-9.

Churchwardens: Dave Phillips and Jan Alexander
PCC: Dom Maher, Sue Phillips, Christine Leach, Carol Murphy, Laura South, Karen Goodlake, Christina Ponniah, Gerard Oglesby, Rosemary Richards, Anita Ando, Jonnie Mead, Susie Robertson, Julie Mintern, Seb Sales, Heather Golding
Deanery Synod Reps: George Hobbs, Mena Evans and Matthew Crees
Ministry Team: Canon Tim Hillier,
Rev Eils Osgood (on maternity leave),
Rev Christine Pattinson,
George Hobbs (LLM), David Ingoldby (LLM), Sue Browning (LLM)

New Treasurer: We are delighted to welcome Julie Mintern as our new Church Treasurer.
Enormous thanks to Charles Cochrane who has served the church as treasurer with
professionalism and prayerfulness and is now looking forward to a well-deserved rest!

New Electoral Roll Officer: Thank you to Gill Trotter who stands down from this position
after many years of faithful service. Thanks to Micheĺle Fenn who steps forward to become
our new Electoral Roll Officer.

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