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God opens some doors and shuts others

God speaks to us directly


Taking Wise Counsel

Common Sense in Decision Making

God leads us through Scripture


Quiz Evening – Saturday 7th Mar...

Quiz Evening – Saturday 7th March

Sceptic’s Space – Why doe...

Questions for discussion What experiences of suffering have shaped who you are today? (this can be personal, or anecdotal, or perhaps something from the news) What do you think people suffering people need the most from their friends? Torrance said – ‘if I did not believe in the cross, I could not believe in God.’ […]

God Promises to Guide Us


Sceptics’ Space : “Can fa...



Light Lunch, Coffee & Chat (for families with additional needs)   Every Monday  – 11.30–2.30 in the church hall (round the back!!) / 01932 570155 for more info

Development Project 2019-2022

This is our church – take a look, it’ll take literally a minute