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Partial re-opening of St Peter’...

Partial re-opening of St Peter’s

Covid 19 : Partial Church Reopening

Covid 19 : Partial Church Reopening

St. Peter’s Church July 7th 2020 Following consultation with members of the PCC, close attention to Church of England guidelines and completion of a risk assessment, Tim, Jan and Dave (Vicar and Church Wardens) are making plans to re open the church in the following ways: Firstly, streamed Sunday worship will continue for the foreseeable future and […]

COVID-19 policy summary

The following summarises St. Peter’s Church policies in the light of the current public health crisis, and will be reviewed regularly. All public worship has now been suspended along with all ministries involving face to face contact in line with Church of England policy. All care home visits have been stopped. Baptisms are suspended until […]

Statement on the church’s respo...


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