Prayer is central to our live as individuals and as a church.

We take it seriously because God breaks through when we pray. We provide courses on prayer as well as having a Prayer Room available for personal prayer during the week. We have times of 24/7 Prayer.

Prayer ministry is available following the 9am and 10.30am morning services and on a one to one basis during the course of the week. The side chapel is always open during the day with prayer resources and is used widely by the community.

The world of religious art is vast, and the link between art and religion goes far back in time. It touches every culture from cave to cathedral, pyramid to palace!

We invite you to spend time in the Memorial Chapel this summer, where we have 6 religious paintings, of different themes, for you to consider.

We pray that by considering aspects of God in art, we can broaden our outlook — helping us to deepen our faith and give a closer understanding of our relationship with God.