Safeguarding is taken very seriously at St. Peter’s Church Chertsey

As a community we want everyone, adults and children, to be secure and safe. Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone. However, it is overseen by the two key people below who, with the PCC, ensure that the church’s safeguarding policy is in adherence to that of the Diocese of Guildford  and that of the Church of England’s House of Bishops’ promoting a ‘Safer Church Safeguarding Policy Statement’. These can be found on their respective websites.

Canon Tim Hillier (Vicar of St. Peter’s)
Mr Ron Howell (Safeguarding Officer)

In all areas of our work whether with children or adults we adhere to strict guidelines with staff (employed or volunteer) undergoing DBS checks from the point of recruitment at regular intervals.

If you are concerned that a child or adult is, or maybe, at risk from abuse this should be reported immediately (and certainly within 24 hours) to the church’s Safeguarding Officer.