What is the Parochial Church Council?

The PCC is the executive committee of the Parish. It consists of the clergy and churchwardens, together with representatives of the laity. Legally the PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the Parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as the church building and the church hall, and promoting the mission of the church.

Following the Annual Church Meeting (APCM) on Monday 25th April, 2023 the members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) are:
Hannah Crees; Elizabeth Glendinning-Smith; Ron Howell; Christine Leach; Dom Maher (treasurer); Lisa Maher; Ian Osman; Ed Raven; Clare Rice; Jim Robertson; Laura South; James Teader

Churchwardens: Jan Alexander and Dave Phillips 

Clergy: Tim Hillier; Anna Norton; Sue Phillips; Christine Pattinson; George Hobbs (LLM)

The PCC represents all who consider themselves church members so please do speak to any of those listed above about any church matters so they can represent your views.